How Social Media And Influencers Are Changing eCommerce?

The Discovery of products and services on social media platforms continues to increase. At present more than 80% of customers discover their neediness on social media, according to a recent study by Curalate.

The same study also let us know that Instagram leads in terms of product discovery and a whopping 48% of customers discover products here. Both Facebook and Pinterest have also seen a gigantic leap in terms of sales movement and product discovery.

The same study by Curalate came up with the finding that 47% of customers after discovering a product on social media platforms end up buying the same online on a later date. According to the same study, a whopping 80% of customers are most likely to search for a product in stores after discovering the same on social media platforms.

So, social media ads, social influencers, and social conversation are driving business growth in a really concerted manner. No digital marketing company working with e-commerce promotion can do away with the technique of influencer marketing.

Let us now see some of the key and effective ways social media influencers are changing e-commerce.

No Competition Like The Ads

Social media influencers have played the role of game changers in the area of advertising. Their huge success depends upon the fact that there is no competition like the traditional ads. Instead, their selective audience just gladly turns their ears and eyes to them.

They can work in both ways. A few of their social media collaborations can have the look and feel of commercials and here they can use their influencing presence to gain visibility and traction. On the other hand, they can also do it subtly by just clicking selfies showing a brand that he uses.

The followers seem to orient better to the natural and native social promotions creating subtle influences and this is precisely what differentiates commercials from social influencers in general. Some brands can get millions of viewers overnight when an influencer showcases it.

Apart from the organic and natural exposure, these posts can also have ripple effects with a lot of fans and followers sharing and tagging the posts of their favorite icons and thus helping the brand to make a bigger reach.

It can be fairly observed that what the traditional ads could only achieve in weeks can easily be achieved in a single day while being completely organic. In spite of such faster reach, influencer marketing is less expensive than traditional ads and success chances are far higher with them. No wonder, eCommerce development company India offering marketing help to brands is also relying more on this technique to increase audience outreach.

Building Credibility And Trust

The key influencer marketing success factor is the strong bond between the influencers and their fans and followers. This bond alone is instrumental in creating the trust and credibility associated with influencers. The trust of the fans in influencers is transferred to the brands they showcase or use or just recommend through their social media posts.

Many of these social media stars also carry all the aspirational elements that users always strive for. When a user wants to be like Kim Kardashian, all the products she uses or holds dear will be purchased by the users in their circle of influence. The stamp of trust coming from their much-referred star instantly makes a brand popular among followers and fans.

Creating Distinct Personality For a Business Brand

Every brand when reaching out to the target market, develop their specific target market and target personas. The specific brand personas are created with different customer characteristics such as customer lifestyle, specific interests, gender, culture, age group, etc. This is how a brand can be youthful or serious. The right influencers carrying such personality attributes can easily give the brand-specific overtime.

This is why when searching for the perfect influencer for your brand, it is tremendously important to consider the right audience for the brand. The influencer must be someone with whom the customers can easily identify. For instance, for a sporting brand or an athletic store, the social influencer should be a cool hunk or a sporting legend. In case it is about travel, a celebrated globetrotter can be a great option.

Big Influencers vs Micro-Influencers

In spite of the huge potential of social media influencers as a time-tested marketing tactic that eCommerce businesses can utilize, not all businesses still can rope in big celebrity influencers for promoting their products and services.

Roping in a top social media influencer can be very cost-intensive for a small business.

There are actually too many small influencers who can help brands reach out to a wider audience by making impacts within their circles of influence. When you engage too many micro-influencers connected to your brand personality you can actually make a bigger impact.

In this respect, it is important to understand that on average, customers generally follow 10 micro-influencers, 15 brands from different niches, and as many as 13 celebrities. When micro-influencers use authentic real-life content showcasing the brand it can easily make a great impact. Since the conversational space of social media opened up new avenues to influence one another, the people having influence within small circles can often have a great impact. But with smaller influencers, it is the authenticity of the content that matters most.

Most statistics and studies already confirm the rising influence of micro-influencers in pushing the product movement and sales. In some product categories, micro-influencers enjoy more influence and impact than others. For example, in the fashion, beauty care, and apparel industry micro-influencers have a more dominant and decisive say. In comparison to other categories, shoppers if these categories are more easily influenced.

Industries like apparel, footwear, and accessories enjoy more impact of micro-influencers in the movement of their sales and business conversion. But these industries also demand higher authenticity in images and shared content more making impacts. Social media content with a high level of authenticity helps increase the time spent by shoppers in stores.


So, with both big and small influencers running the show for business brands, social media influencers are no longer just restricted to big business brands. The micro-influencers created a level playing field where all businesses irrespective of the size and niche can make a bigger impact with lesser spending compared to traditional media ads. In the years to come, influencer marketing will continue to play a bigger role in the marketing scheme of things.




Olivia Smith is the senior developer at CMARIX TechnoLabs. I love to write about the trending technologies like AI, ML, IOT and AR VR and also about its impact.

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Olivia Smith

Olivia Smith

Olivia Smith is the senior developer at CMARIX TechnoLabs. I love to write about the trending technologies like AI, ML, IOT and AR VR and also about its impact.

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