Top 9 Node.js Development Companies To Consider in 2021

Total industrialization has been achievable with the Internet of Things. IoT has enabled Connected vehicles, Smart homes, Smart Factory and Smart Cities. The modern business IoT solution leveraging over various nature and measures of business offers cross-connection across devices while preserving credential details. However, IoT specializes in the fact that it can be accessed on various devices like iPhones, Android, laptops, and desktops. Within a few minutes, IoT facilitates the exchange of real-time data across devices. Entrepreneurs can Hire Nodejs Developers to design effective apps that run on IoT.

Node.js operates on several operating systems, especially on Google Chrome V8. Constant updates over security patches and performance optimization take place on both Node.js and V8. Being a JavaScript, similar programming skills are applied on both — front-end and back-end. Node.js is empowered by Long-Term Support release cycles. If full-stack developers can redevelop the layer of data access, swift feature improvements can take place on backend microservices of APIs.

Long-Term Support Release Cycles and Their Sub-Types

Long-term support release cycles (or LTS) ensure the fixation of critical bugs within a net period of 30 months. Therefore, production applications must use either Active LTS releases or Maintenance LTS releases.

Backporting is an activity, in which parts and portions from a new component or system of software, are taken apart and are implemented, on the older version of that software.

LTS or Long-Term Support remains applicable over three lines. These lines are maintained and supported by Node.js for prolonged periods. LTS come in two types — (i) Active LTS release line and (ii) Maintenance LTS Release Line.

(i) Active LTS release line — The line which is maintained and upgraded actively. It includes improvements, patch-up of security weak points, addressing bugs, improvements, and functionalities. It also includes backporting of new non-breaking features.

(ii) Maintenance LTS Release Line — it receives security patches and bug fixes for a short time since it closes upon the EOL (end of the line). Thus, the Maintenance LTS Release line is also a Node.js LTS release line. EOL is the particular expiry date in the exhaustion of the finite period LTS. All the minor LTS versions have their unique EOL date.

Some of the top 10 Node.js development firms of 2021 include –


Packing in over several years of experience CMARIX offers its skillsets toward the development of web and desktop applications. These programs are built for large-scale purposes that run in real-time. The node.js developer working there is skilled to offer a technical resolution to their problems. CMARIX primarily works with Node.js framework and their expert employees provide top-class development services for Node.js. They provide proficient solutions with over 40+ senior Node.js developers.

2. TCS

Tata Consultancy Services or TCS stands among the reputable IT firms in the Indian nation and around the World. TCS is known to offer services like AI, automation, Blockchain, IoT, Cloud Solutions, Enterprise Apps among many others. Tata Consultancy Services was founded in the year 1968 which by now has spread its wings across 46 nations and 149 locations. Blockchain is a particular database and differs in the way it stores information. Blockchains store the data in the form of interconnected blocks that are linked or chained together. A new data gets inside a new block and the chain gets connected again. Hence, blockchain connects the data in chronological form. IoT Cloud Solutions is a vast network that runs on IoT-enabled applications and devices. The interconnected network also houses storage, servers, and infrastructure that enables live processing and operations in real-time. EA or Enterprise Applications are a type of software solution that offers tools and business logic. EA can enhance productivity and improve efficiency as it can model an organization’s complete business processes.

3. BairesDev

As one of the best and expanding Software Outsourcing firms in South America, their teams form the top 1% of software engineers available in the IT domain. BairesDev delivers new technology from their Software Engineering teams. Their wide range of services varies from engineers to dedicated team members. They deliver cross-functional autonomous services that integrate into a project. Through the latest multifunctional technologies, BairesDev offers extensive solutions to their clients. In terms of development, they offer vast Node.js solutions that are diverse.

4. Unified Infotech

Carrying more than 10 years of experience, the website design and development firm Unified Infotech aims to empower businesses. They aim to express their clients’ conceptions in real life. Unified Infotech merges the latest technologies with their intelligence to bring forth suitable results. They aim to offer their expert touches on mobile app development, incomparable web class, and robust UI UX Design. Unified Infotech has its offices in the United States of America and India. As a leading developer in node.js, they aim to offer the best-in-class web development services to their clients. United Infotech can lead an app into the ASO limelight through its clear coding structure with the latest tools. ASO stands for app store optimization which fetches the appropriate apps for the user from an app store. It works on keywords that a user places in the search bar of the app store. Popular stores like Apple’s AppStore or Google’s Play Store use ASO to fetch the apps for the user.

5. Wipro

Wipro’s Multi-Protocol IoT Gateway Framework merges diverse IoT-complementary protocols. In this way, it can enable specific data transmissions on backend systems. The framework comprises of –

(i) Real-time asset tracking over sensor interfaces and vehicle CAN through Fleet & Asset Management.

(ii) Cloud integration for analytics and data storage.

(iii) Smart Drone Network that facilitates field operations through a flexible rule base.

The Internet of Things or IoT solutions of Wipro deals with the connectivity feature between new things and legacy. They facilitate specific data transmission toward the backend systems with the blend of heterogeneous protocols and Wipro’s Multi-Protocol IoT Gateway Framework.

6. Hidden Brains

Enterprise Solutions enables the integration of multiple aspects over information exchange across related databases and different domains of data processing. Enterprise solutions offer managers with live operation details. The concerned managers can help the firm toward data retrieval and distribution of this crucial information. The focus of Hidden Brains lies in improving the efficiency of start-up organizations that extends to vast corporations. Hidden Brains deals with Enterprise Solutions and IT consultation on a global scale in India. Their influence ranges across multiple industry domains from around the World like healthcare, hospitality, eLearning, transportation, travel, utilities, retail, energy, oil and gas. Operating in both — USA and India, Hidden Brains is known to be the best API development firm in both countries. They offer creative enterprise web solutions and enable their clients to improve data exchange through high-speed data.

7. HData Systems

Data Science is a broad field that consists of different disciplines including mathematics, statistics, programming skillsets, and domain expertise. All these disciplines work collectively to provide meaningful data to anyone. The data science firm founded in India — HData Systems, assists businesses in the acceleration of their performance and productivity. They use analytical approaches to meet the demands. data helps in automation, AI, ML, IoT, data science, app development, vast data analytics, etc. AI or artificial intelligence mimics human intelligence through simulation processes over computing machines. ML or machine learning delivers the best results through artificial intelligence data preprocessing. The process also includes hyperparameter tuning followed by model selection. IoT or the Internet of Things is the multiple devices spread across the world that is connected with the Internet. IoT devices are physical devices that collect and share data. Data analytics collects insights from data, organizes them in a structure, and stores them for later use. Data analytics includes the procedures, devices, and methodology involved in the management and analysis of data.

8. CIS

CIS is a renowned name that offers some of the best technology solutions. Their services follow international standards that also include current trends in technology. CIS helps organizations to reach success by achieving their business objectives. Through optimized solutions in the development of node.js, CIS offers various services. Some of them include digital marketing, mobile application development, open-source development, implementation of cloud infrastructure, business intelligence and analytics, front-end design, etc.

9. Selleo

Selleo approaches a culture for sharing knowledge along with decision-making capabilities. It follows the Management 3.0 infrastructure that can initiate self-development. The teams and developers at Selleo help to craft and design robust software solutions. Selleo helps product owners, CEOs, Engineering VPs, and CTOs in their software requirements. They have a team of over 230 tech leaders who specialize and have expertise in Node.js and have designed their software with it.

CMARIX can offer some of the best solutions for their clients to hire dedicated developers or hire fullstack developers.




Olivia Smith is the senior developer at CMARIX TechnoLabs. I love to write about the trending technologies like AI, ML, IOT and AR VR and also about its impact.

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Olivia Smith

Olivia Smith

Olivia Smith is the senior developer at CMARIX TechnoLabs. I love to write about the trending technologies like AI, ML, IOT and AR VR and also about its impact.

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