Top 5 Golang Web Frameworks For Developers in 2021

Golang which is also called Go is a widely popular open-source programming language from Google and is particularly well known for its capabilities in developing easy-to-use, well-structured, and highly secure software. Some of the key attributes that made Golang popular among the developers include optimum safety of memory, very systematic typing, garbage collection, etc. The language thanks to its similarity with the C is easily adaptable for most developers.

This awesome language also offers several useful web development frameworks for developing APIs as well as web services. For building larger apps, these frameworks help developers from spending a lot of time coding an app from scratch. That’s why when you hire a web development company India with expertise in Golang, you should check these ready-to-use tool Golang Web Frameworks as well.

Here we have picked up top web Frameworks based on Golang.

1. Gin

It is a truly minimalist framework and is widely popular for its efficiency and performance. The gin framework is popular for developing REST API Security for the backend of the single-page app. When it comes to building powerful REST APIs with great performance, this framework comes at the forefront.

When comparing this with similar frameworks, it is several dozen times faster than most others. On top of that, the framework is supported by a huge community of developers who continue to create a lot of quality middlewares making it even easier to work with the framework.

2. Beego

This one is particularly well known for REST API projects following rapid development methodology. It is also widely used for developing web apps as well as Golang based backend services. Offering attributes of Golang such as interfaces and struct embedding, it offers several unique capabilities.

It is also a complete Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework and comes loaded with its own libraries. The framework also offers an out-of-the-box tool called Bee Tool to detect code changes. If you hire dedicated programmers with Golang expertise, they are very likely to have some knowledge about this awesome framework.

The framework offers as many as eight different modules that developers can use if they find anyone suitable for the project. The best thing is that the framework works well with command-line tools.

3. Echo

It is another performance-savvy and highly extensible lightweight framework based in Golang that is popular for its efficiency in using the HTTP router with smart prioritization ability. The framework is widely popular for building powerful and highly scalable REST APIs.

The framework also comes packed with several inbuilt middlewares that developers can choose as per their project requirements. The framework offers data binding capability and supports different file types for both data rendering and binding such as JSON, XML, form-data, HTML, file, and attachment.

4. Gorilla

This is a very popular component-based Golang web framework that allows reusing the components across different projects. Developers can use one component across all the projects wherever it fits as suitable. On top of that, the components can be directly taken from HTTP or Net library.

The framework comes packed with several powerful web sockets that can be used without availing of any third-party service. This adds to the modularity of the framework and makes it more useful.

5. Kit

This is a powerful set of programming tools for developing strong, reliable, and fully scalable microservices using the Golang language. The framework basically comes as a set of packages as well as best practices that can be utilized to develop microservices as per the needs of any business.

The kit framework also comes with safety and security-centric features such as Remote Procedure Call (RPC), system observation capability, and integrated infrastructure. Comprising several different packages it remains a very opinionated framework for all big projects relying on Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs).

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